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Yoga means union: A unity with yourself--body, mind and soul, with the universe, with each other. It doesn't matter what shape you're in, if you are drawn to yoga for fitness, stress relief, spiritual growth or just to see what it's like. Everyone can benefit from a little yoga in life, any time...any age.

• Reduce stress and muscle tension
• Increase strength, flexibility and energy
• Strengthen your heart and lungs
• Enhance concentration and mood
• Improve posture and overall balance

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Yoga for Everyone Searching for Peace through Yoga


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Reiki Healing Circle
Friday, 11/14 8pm


200-Hour Teacher Training
registered yoga school with yoga alliance

Private Reiki Healing Sessions

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Hatha • VinyasaRestorative
Prenatal • Postnatal • Mom & Baby Children's
Senior • Office-Chair
Specialty Workshops and more!

Group Classes
in Brooklyn
Private and Semi-Private Group Classes   
Available in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Nassau


Go Vegetarian
Pledge to Go Veg for One Week or One Day a Week for the Remainder of the Year. Make a smaller global footprint and improve your health.
Nearly 24 years ago, I became a vegetarian. When I refused turkey at Thanksgiving that year, that was when my family finally believed I was serious about it.
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